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Technical Translation

At International Languages we accept, work on and complete accurate, exact translation of technical documents, user guides, schematics, manuals, etc., with specialization in a wide variety of industries. Our cutting edge CAT tools and TMS applications help our teams prepare and plan the technical translation process, leveraging already translated texts for economic efficiency and faster review times. We select our technical translators intelligently nationally and from abroad to make sure we produce top-quality translations.

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Dual Competence

We require all technical translators that work on our projects to have mastery of the language in the specific direction as well as the industry the document is targeted to.

Quality Management System

A series of checks and revisions are in order for our team of proofreaders and editors following a step-by-step quality control process for all translation projects.

Translation solutions for complex material

You can be sure that International Languages, as a company, has a proven track record of taking on technical translation projects and completing them successfully. At your request, we can provide a list of current customers and a sample of our quality work.

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Our Technical Translators

Our technical translators are the cornerstone of our services, with qualifications in a broad range of industries including engineering, dental appliances, manufacturing, the paper industry, the automotive industry, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, the oil industry, the steel industry, the medical and insurance services and equipment among many others. We only select translators that are qualified and experienced who work into their native tongue.

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Subject Matter Experts

A technical translator must possess mastery over the field he is translating for with proven experience on the subject matter collaborating with the rest of the team with appropriate terminology glossaries.

Quality Control and Certification

The translation work and proofreading is performed by professionals certified in their language pair by an accredited national organization or institution of higher learning.

Translator Teams

All work is done by a team of translators working in tandem and supervised by a project manager. Team work and collaboration is a big concept in our field and necessary for project efficiency.

Complex Translations

For over two decades our agency has successfully tackled translations with high levels of complexity. Each project is an opportunity to show what our technical translations team is capable of.

Be Compliant

When you need to ensure compliance in your technical documents, hiring a technical translator with knowledge of industry-specific or local and international standards is the best way to do so.

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