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Transcription & Subtitling

Our transcribing service converts your audio or video data into a written format. Our subtitling is used for video formats. We are well-versed in the different requirements for videos. For example, commercials, movies, and television programs all have different subtitling requirements.

Convert audio into text

Same-Language Transcriptions

This involves listening to a recording and transcribing the contents into a digital written format.

Multi-Language Transcriptions

This involves transcribing a recording directly into another language.

Double-Column Transcriptions

This involves transcribing content into its original language and then translating into a second language.

Transcription and Subtitling industry is booming

Our modern, globalized world has far more reach than it did just 20 years ago. With the plethora of new streaming services and the fast pace of movie production, the translation and subtitling industry is in higher demand than ever.

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Foreign Language Subtitles

60% of all video content on YouTube is viewed in a language other than English. Our multilingual transcription services allow you to receive accurate foreign language transcripts in a time-coded format that can be used in new or existing videos.

Transcription Services at a glance

Many Audio Formats

We can receive and work on your audio files in a variety of formats. We work with wave files, CDs, USB flash drives, and more. We will assign a team member to convert the file into a format that is easy for you to use.

We Stand Behind Our Work

All our transcriptions are completed by individuals with subject matter experience. Many languages are available. We stand behind our work on every project, and we take pride in our credentials and qualifications.

Judicial and Police Recordings

For many years, our customers in legal professions such as attorneys and investigators have trusted our organization with their transcription projects. Utilize our experience with these specific topics to your advantage.

More Languages Available

Our extensive interpreter network allows us to complete projects in far more languages than other agencies can offer. We are guaranteed to have the language you need, launching and delivering your transcription on time every time.

A free quote for your transcription project

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