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Training & Workshops

Ongoing training of interpreters and translators keeps skills sharp and on par with national standards. We believe in sponsoring workshops because they give the interpreter community a chance to share experiences and learn new skills, furthering the goal of our shared passion for multilingual communication.

Put your skills to the test

In-House Training

Some of the training classes we provide in-house are: Medculturewise, HIPAA, OPI, VRI, Medical Terminology, IEP simultaneous rounds and Initial Orientations. These in-house training classes are given to linguists associated with our company.

Workshops in the Community

We enthusiastically participate and sponsor interpreter workshops in our local communities. Interpreters not only benefit from CE units when they attend but also from participating as a group and learning new skills from their interpreter colleagues.

Membership in national interpreter organizations

Many of our interpreters have active memberships in major interpreter and translator organizations. We have sponsored and worked as services exhibitors in many reputable national conferences.


With our MEDCULTUREWISE novice medical interpreter training, students are able to learn interpreter guidelines and skills through class-style dynamic training. Everyone participates in groups and debates topics such as interpreter dilemmas and the role of the interpreter. Here are some of the topics at a glance:

  • Interpreter register
  • Proper advocacy
  • Transparency
  • Interpreter introductions
  • Modes of interpreting
  • confidentiality
  • Assertive Attitude
  • Interpreter roles
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Preparedness and Certifications

Being an interpreter in the United States requires continuous preparation, a professional attitude and certification. Interpreters are expected to have a command of cognitive and linguistic abilities while following a code of ethics at the same time. Additionally, it is the interpreter’s responsibility to understand cultural and religious practices, gender roles, and possess deep knowledge of how the legal and medical systems work.

Why train your interpreters with us?

Basic Medical Interpreter Training

Some of the best medical interpreters in our industry come into the profession unexpectedly. We can help polish that diamond in the rough with national interpreter standards and basic interpreter knowledge for novice interpreters.

Medical Interpreter Code of Ethics

We offer special training about the code of ethics written by national interpreter organizations. Our objective is not only to teach it but also to work through many complicated scenarios and dilemmas that interpreters face.

In-House Trainers

Our interpreter trainers have a combined 35 years of experience and have trained +2000 interpreters in our region. Many of the interpreters we have trained over the years now work in the medical, judicial and specialty language industries.

Sponsorship of Interpreter Organizations

Our organization has attended many conferences and workshops as sponsors, participants, exhibitors and speakers. We help promote continuous education so that interpreters can sharpen their skills and improve the quality of their work.

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