Beyond translation and interpreting

Our skilled translators are equipped with the latest technology to help you move past potential language barriers with ease. We have the skills to help organizations large and small take their business global. There’s a whole world out there waiting for you.

Cultural Presentations

We introduce our immigrant communities to you in live group presentations, explaining our cultural values, beliefs and traditional healing practices.

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Training & Workshops

We provide training on key skills with basic classroom instruction and practical role play in simulated group settings.

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Language Proficiency Testing

We make sure your interpreters are fluent in their language pairs by conducting quality testing for you.

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Transcription & Subtitling

We guarantee clarity and accuracy for all transcription and subtitling services, delivered in your file format of choice.

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Foreign Language Voiceovers

Animate your books and videos with our voice talents in different languages to reach audiences and markets in other languages.

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We are always interested in helping other language agencies succeed by working together to provide interpreter training and proficiency testing. We want our customers to have options when it comes to diversity training.

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Full-Service Language Agency

We have pioneered the use of interpreters and translators in our region as way to communicate 100% with the public. We appreciate our customers’ loyalty who have used our services for decades and we return that consistency with better trained linguists, better customer support, the latest in interpreter/translator management technology and innovative supplementary services.


Even the most experienced interpreters need to keep updated with terminology and changes over the years. That’s why we think it’s so important to have experienced interpreters attend company sponsored interpreter workshops and conferences to keep up with all the latest and greatest in the field.

For the novice interpreters, we offer courses where they learn the basics of interpreting in a dynamic 40-hour training. All students form groups and debate such topics as interpreter dilemmas and the roles of the interpreter. We also delve into other topics such as:

  • Interpreter register
  • Proper advocacy
  • Transparency
  • Interpreter introductions
  • Modes of interpreting
  • Confidentiality
  • Assertive Attitude
  • Interpreter roles

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Our comprehensive language services are available to your organization and are now more needed than before to companies that want to reach a wider audience for their services and products.