language profiency testing

Language Proficiency Testing

There is now a high demand for interpreters in the United States for many languages, especially refugee languages in specific regions. To help meet that demand, we help select, train and hire employees and contractors. Using proven methods, we can assess these candidates in their mother tongue and English to ensure fluency and competency.

Interpreter competency is everything

Language Pair Competency

We use technology and native language speakers to evaluate an interpreter’s proficiency. Our company’s language proficiency tests require knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, syntax, and more.

Competency Certifications

We offer interpreter competency and language proficiency tests to outside interpreter agencies. A certificate of successful test completion is issued to all agencies and individual interpreters who pass.

Being bilingual isn't enough

Being bilingual is a requirement for being an interpreter, but it may not be enough to ensure they can do a professional job. Additional testing is needed to make sure they have the specific skill set needed for interpreting between two languages.

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Schedule Your Test Today

Our experienced teams have developed a comprehensive test to help organizations and agencies evaluate the skills of in-house interpreters, bilingual employees and independent contractors. Scheduling your test is easy using our online portal. Online tests are completed using a computer with a webcam.

Language Proficiency Testing at a glance

48 hour turnaround

No more waiting around for results. We can give you the interpreter proficiency results as soon as two days after the test is completed.

Virtual Testing

No need to travel to a special testing site. All our tests are done conveniently and securely though our internet portal.

Affordable Pricing

Our rates are competitive. In fact, the cost of the test pays for itself because it ensures you are adding a competent interpreter to your team.

Testing in Over 30 Languages

Most commonly requested languages have a test, and we also have tests for some refugee languages.

Completion Certificate

All candidates who successfully pass our tests are given a certificate of successful completion. This makes it easy for you to show your customers that your agency cares about quality language services.

Ready to book a proficiency test?

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