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Video Remote interpreting

With the popularity of video technologies as a whole, Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) has become a major player in the world of interpreting. We use secure video conferencing tools to serve all your remote communication needs.

see and/or hear your interpreter

Face-to-Face Communication

With video remote interpreting, non-verbal communication facilitates more empathy and clarity of understanding. For the deaf and hard of hearing, VRI lets an interpreter be there in an instant when they can’t be there in person.

Easy to Connect

You can connect to a video remote interpreter on any device using a web or mobile app. We work with our clients to provide video remote interpreter services on the platform of your choice, making the learning curve quick and painless.

Compliant Video Conferencing

The world has a reason to stay connected with video more than ever before, so it’s essential to use a secure video conferencing platform that is HIPAA compliant with a signed BAA. Our platform of choice is Telehealth-ready with 256-bit AES encryption and a trained staff to implement best practices.

When to use a
video remote interpreter

A remote interpreter you can both see and hear can work well in situations when non-verbal communication is important, such as:

video remote
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More Languages Anytime

100% of interpreters may not be available on site during odd hours or during periods of high demand. With VRI, you can have an interpreter available on-demand any time without travel delays.

Our VRI services at a glance

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

You don’t need any special equipment to access our VRI service. Simply download our software and connect via your phone, laptop computer, Ipad or tablet.

HIPAA-Compliant Video Conferencing

We make sure that video communications end-to-end are HIPAA-compliant with encrypted screen names and passwords, all backed up with additional privacy mechanisms.

Cost Effective Modality

Avoid the travel time, mileage charges, lodging and parking fees typically associated with on-site interpreters and obtain a well qualified interpreter in the language and field of your choice.

Easy, On-Demand Scheduling

When an on-site interpreter might not be available in the language needed or cannot arrive in time to fill an urgent request, our VRI service comes in handy.

Works From Anywhere

We take care to make sure that our Over-The-Phone Interpreting is conducted free of noises, distractions, interruptions in confidential and secure facilities.

Our Customers

VRI Services When You Need Them

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