on-the-phone interpreting

Over-The-Phone interpreting

It takes a special set interpreter skills and an appropriately secured environment to do over-the-phone interpreting the right way. Our over-the-phone interpreter service is as simple as a three-way-call in the language of your choice.

Immediate access to professional interpreters

Network of 150+ Languages Available

We have a large network of interpreters available for scheduled telephone communications in 150+ languages. With over 2.5 million OPI jobs completed, our experience is well established.

Over 3,000 Trained Interpreters

Our Over-The-Phone interpreters work in our headquarters and throughout the United States. Professionally trained and well versed in a variety of industries, let our technology and language knowledge be an asset to your organization.

Accessing Our Services is Easy

Our contracted customers can access our operators and professional interpreter network 24/7. Police departments, hospitals, urgent care centers, crisis centers and other clients have used this always-on feature for over 25 years, making sure they can communicate at the most crucial times.

Low cost, convenient acess to
more languages

Over-the-phone interpreting is great for short interactions or when an in-person interpreter is unavailable. Plus, it’s a lower cost alternative since it eliminates physical travel and provides more access to a variety of languages.

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On Demand And Scheduled OPI

We provide customized solutions for customers who need an over-the-phone interpreter. Connect directly to our team of over-the-phone interpreters by giving us a call, or schedule your interpreters in advance with the Fluent app to view real-time usage, generate reports and receive transparent invoices.

Our OPI services at a glance

Access a large network of interpreters

We have over 3,000 professionally trained Over-The-Phone interpreters available when you need them.

On-Demand, Always

Simply call to get immediate, customized solutions and entering your unique customer code to request the language desired.

Compliant & Professional

We train and certify all our interpreters to follow HIPAA & FERPA laws and understand all policies as they relate to privacy and compliance.

Pay As You Go

For contracted customers with high demand, there are no minimum charges. Calls are logged for language, time, duration, and other useful information for transparent invoices.

Secure Interpreter Facilities

We take care to make sure that our Over-The-Phone Interpreting is conducted free of noises, distractions, interruptions in confidential and secure facilities.

Our Customers

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