Many immigrants work in manufacturing, packing, assembling, foundries and production companies in the United States. These workers may not have a command of the English language and require interpreters to understand their company’s policies and operations. We can bridge that gap with our interpreters and translators.

Provided Services

We Interpret Your Lingo

Tap into our interpreter services to communicate with your workers. We become familiar with your products, operations and company culture to accurately represent your policies, communications and processes.

Translation of Company Materials

We translate materials for easy employee access for all kinds of materials - company newsletters, signage, specific communications, forms, employee manuals, and more. We have fast translation turnarounds for urgent requests in common languages.

Employee Training/Orientation

Using headsets and audio equipment, we can simultaneously interpret your training and orientations for employees who need help understanding your message. We can also interact with the trainees to make sure they are included.

Company/Team Meetings

For departmental or company wide meetings, our interpreters make sure your message is conveyed accurately. We take part proactively in an inclusive and stimulating environment.

Open Enrollment/Insurance

We help with important open enrollment fairs where employee benefits are explained and coverage decisions are made. Our interpreters can understand and accurately convey insurance terminologies.


We know how important it is to make sure all employees understand the value of safety and proper procedures at work. Partner with us to make sure your safety policies are clearly understood in various languages to minimize any accidents at work.


Over-The-Phone Meetings

We can help you conduct employment interviews, performance reviews, disciplinary issues, team concerns and other interactions with your employees using our interpreter service over the telephone (OPI). This service modal is especially handy for immediate requests.

Video Remote Interpreting

Our interpreters can join executive meetings with business partners overseas and interpret the dialog simultaneously. Our agency also has the technology to enable video meeting scheduling sending invites to all participants.




Tap into 100% of your customers needs or fully garner your employees’ potential by communicating effectively and creating a transparent company environment.

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