We can assist your insurance company with the claims process in many languages. Whether its auto, medical, life, property, personal injury or something else, our network of interpreters nationwide will bring clarity to claims reports, verification, interviews and investigations.

We are there exactly when you need us

General On-Site Interpreting

Interpreters can travel to the I encounter location and help claims agents assess damages. Our appointment system can help you find the language you need.

Brochures and Policy Translations

For brochures, marketing strategies, policies and any other written communications, our translation department can work in any file format or non-alphabet writing system. Additional DTP and cloud repositories are also available.

Legal Depositions

Let our experience be an asset for your case. We are very familiar with depositions, and our large network of qualified and certified interpreters are available anywhere in the United States.

Independent Medical Evaluations (IME)

We interpret how the injury happened, what the relevant medical history is, and what the course of treatment is so far. Instructions for the physical exam and tests will be conveyed seamlessly.

Telephonic Claims Interviews

Call our agency to immediately obtain interpreters by phone (OPI) to conduct claim evaluations and do risk assessments. 150+ languages are at your disposal to ascertain liability and accurate communications.


Interpreter trend reports show that the demand for highly qualified linguists is increasing, especially in non-traditional regions. Our extensive interpreter network and language agency partners put you closer than ever to what you need when you need it.

Get ready to globalize your organization

On-Demand Services

Our services do not require minimum usage or special contracts. You can use our services on a casual basis for on-site, Video Remote (VRI) or Over-The-Phone (OPI) services.

Large Translation Projects

We can offer volume discounts based on language or project size. We are a one-stop shop for many companies in the USA.




We are too! Let our teams show you what we can do to enhance your services and reach 100% of your customer base. Different languages are no longer barriers to dynamic communications.

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