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Cultural Presentations

Our cultural presentations are designed to help you explore and understand different immigrant communities and their cultures. Knowing how to interact with diverse immigrant communities can help you treat others with the respect and understanding they deserve.

A deeper look at different cultures


Our team comes to introduce you to new cultures via photo slides, life experiences and music. Presentations can range in time to fit your needs and can be directed toward your specifications (medical, educational, etc.)


Our interactive webinar presentations can include as many participants as you wish and can also be recorded for future use.. Our presenters respond to questions in real time.

“Culture makes people understand each other better. And if they understand each other better in their soul, it is easier to overcome the economic and political barriers.”

- Paulo Coehlo

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The Latino Culture - Traditional Healers

In this cultural presentation, we highlight the different traditional home remedies of Latin communities, including“the evil eye”, “susto” and many others. Traditional healers such as herbalists, midwives, bone setters, shamans and others play a special role in the local Latino culture in the United States.

Cultural Presentations at a glance

Presenters Native to the Culture

All our presenters are natives of the culture they are informing you about. They are also interpreters with experience in the field.

A Bridge between Two Different Cultures

The path to excellent communications between two cultures starts with learning about each other first. We design cultural presentations for anyone who comes in contact with other cultures during the course of their work.

Proper Interpreter Utilization

Our presentations include basic information on the best use of qualified and certified interpreters at appointments. They can help you learn proper greetings, how to address family members, what to expect at home visits, and a whole lot more.

Visual Presentation and Samples

Our presenters create presentations full of pictures and videos. They even bring physical cultural objects and play music for interactive and fun learning.

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