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Video Remote Interpreting: A How-To Guide

When is it more appropriate to use a video interpreter over an in-person or over-the-phone interpreter? With so many telehealth platforms to choose from, learn to navigate your options and know what to expect from International Languages.

Conferencia Sobre Interpretación en Lima

La empresa estadounidense International Languages ofreció una conferencia y taller acerca de la interpretación de idiomas en el hotel Pullman en el distrito de San Isidro ésta capital. Alberto Aguilar y Remedios Bashi abordaron temas de la interpretación médica y judicial respectivamente.

Judicial Interpreting During a Pandemic

The COVID-19 health crisis around the world has had a definite impact on the court interpreting profession. In Wisconsin, same as everywhere in the USA, the impact on interpreters have been many. Although some courts are very slowly going back to in person hearings, the pandemic brought certain challenges interpreters must continue to deal with.

Language and Ice

Wisconsin winters are beautiful. The many combinations of precipitation, winds and temperatures make for a changing landscape that is fascinating to observe and dangerous to drive in. Just as low temperatures and water can form many different shapes, language too, combined with other factors will paint a different picture every time.